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Act like a local
There’s only 20,000 people living within the old city walls
That means that sometimes, there are more tourists than locals in the city. So, give us a break and act like a local.
Learn some dialect
Most belgians don’t understand us, but we simply have the most beautiful dialect in the country. Start by ending every word with ‘tje’, it makes it sound cute. For example: a coffee = a coffee-tje.
Ignore the Big Companies
Big international chains don’t do it for us: Starbucks is a sad and dark hole and we’re working on replacing those smelly Subways by chocolate shops.
Wear some high heels
It’s good fun to see ladies trying to survive the cobblestones on stilts.
Sounds of the city
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When to come
DuringJulBig Flea Market
These markets, right next to the station, are rrreally big and well-known all over Belgium. No rich antique sellers, just people selling their old stuff. Best place for a 3D-Viewmaster, a yoghurt machine, a local comic and an old Bowie record.
DuringJulCactus Music Festival
Popular outdoor festival in the city park close to the station. Pop, rock and some new-fashioned world music. In 2014 the line up includes Bombino, The Notwist, Mogwai, Massive Attack, Afghan Whigs, Mark Lanegan and Caribou. Prices online.
DuringJulMoods Festival
(Until end of Aug)
Daily indoor and outdoor concerts on historical locations, with a mix of alternative, classical and world music. Also some evening dj’s on the Burg and Markt square. Some of the more famous names for 2014 are Suzanne Vega, Sophia, Nils Frahm, Babylon Circus and The Magic Numbers. The last day of the festival is a climax with more dancing and loud fun all over the city. Most outdoor concerts for free.
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